Callahans Music Hall

Application To Play / Rent

We appreciate your interest in performing at CALLAHAN’S MUSIC HALL (CALLAHAN’S.)  The reality is the number of opportunities to play is very limited due to our programing focus and economic realities.  Our primary focus is presenting national entertainment in a concert format.  We primarily book acts through relationships with national and regional agents.  The local entertainment we present are established local bands and new bands promoting something specific (CD Release, Video Shoot, Live Recoprding, etc …)  We also host a number of benefits, private rentals, and performances for organizations like the School Of Rock.

CALLAHAN’S survives on food and beverage sold during the events.  Thus, we focus on events that can draw 100+ patrons.  When we open our doors we incur significant expenses like Sound Engineer, Door Personnel, Management, Wait Staff, Kitchen Staff, Utilities, etc …  If you cannot not draw at least 100+ people chances are we cannot justify producing your event.  Private rental is most likely the best option.

We receive numerous submissions each week and due to time constraints only respond when we see a potential fit for CALLAHAN’S.  Our goal isn’t to be harsh, but we don’t have time to follow up on each application. This application really is the best way to get considered.  “Stop by visits,” mailed packages, CD drop off’s to the bartender during events are not viewed favorably.