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This page contains answers to frequently asked questions. Click on the question to reveal the answer.  If you have questions regarding CALLAHAN’S MUSIC HALL this is always the best place to check first.

General (16)

Who do I contact with Questions?

If you have a day of show question related to the venue, show, or artist please contact Callahan’s Music Hall at 248-858-9508.  This recorded message is updated the day of shows with performance, ticket availability, door times, performance times, and other event information.

For questions related to ticketing, a order, or you are experiencing issues purchasing tickets please contact via  Emails are generally responded to within 24 hours.

What’s The Age Limit to Attend Shows?

Callahan’s is a rockin’ music hall where the music can get loud and alcohol is served.  Patrons to our shows are there to relax and prefer the company of other adults.  Therefore the majority of our shows are 21+. Unless noted otherwise all shows are 21+.

Some of our shows, like our School Of Rock shows, are appropraite and all ages.  Callahan’s at no time allows entry to minors not accompanied by a adult.

What is Callahan’s Bar & Grill?

Callahan’s Bar & Grill is a separate entity operated within Callahan’s Music Hall serving the local community Monday – Friday 11AM – 6pm. It serves lunch, dinner, and happy hour. Check out the Callahan’s Bar & Grill page for menus and more information.

Is the same food served both in Callahan’s Bar & Grill and Callahan’s Music Hall?

No. The menu served in the Bar & Grill is different during concerts.

Can I purchase tickets at Callahan’s Bar & Grill?

No. All advance ticketing for shows is done online via

When do Doors Open for the show?

Always consult your tickets, but unless noted otherwise doors open @ 6:30pm. At the artist request doors may open later to complete soundcheck, event set up, etc …

When does the show start?

All event times are clearly stated on the web site and tickets for each show. Generally anticipate music start within 10-15 minutes of the stated show time.

Generally most shows consist of Two sets of music. The first set may be a opening act/artist. “Evening with” performances the artists performs both sets of music with no opening act.

Unless specifically noted Sunday -Thursday shows start @ 7:30pm with music concluding @ 10:30pm. Friday & Saturday shows start @8pm with music concluding @ 11pm. These general times are given for planning purposes, but may vary depending on event.

When are you open?

CALLAHAN’S MUSIC HALL is open strictly concerts and events. This means we are not open on non-event days and do not maintain regular business hours. Typically we open 60-90 minutes to the scheduled event time. Wondering if we’re open? Consult our event schedule or call us at 248-858-9508.

CALLAHAN’S BAR & GRILL is Open in CALLAHAN’S MUSIC HALL during the week Monday – Friday 11AM – 6PM. The BAR & GRILL does not sell advance tickets to shows. All advance ticketing for shows is done via

Where is Callahan’s Music Hall located?

We are located on South Boulevard just East of Opdyke in Auburn Hulls, MI. Our physical address for directions is: 2105 South Boulevard Auburn Hills, MI 48326 (248) 858-9508

Do the bands sell merchandise at the show?

Generally national artists have CD, T-Shirts, Hats available for purchase at the show.  Merchandise selection and availability vary from show to show.  CALLAHAN’S is not notified in advance if artists will have merchandise for sale.

Will Artist autograph at the show?

Generally, yes, at intermission and after show.  The ability to sit close and interact with the artist is one of the best things about attending a show at CALLAHAN’S.  Our artist tend to be very friendly and accomodating.  Of course we have no control over the artist in terms of when and whether they will sign.  In everyone’s best interest please be respectful of the artist.  If you enjoyed their show please purchase something from their merchandise.  Most likely you can get it autographed directly by the artist.  Merchandise sales are a very important part of a artist livelyhood.

When getting a autograph please be respectful of the artist and your fellow music lovers.  Please be as brief as possible when talking to the artist.  Everyone wants their chance to say hi.  Limit autographs to one or two items.  It’s not cool to buy 20 CD’s on eBay/Amazon and ask the artist to sign all of them for you.  We do not like to get involved, but in everyones interest we may step in and place a limit on autographs.  It’s always better to buy your CD’s directly at the show whenever possible.  This was the most money possible goes directly to the aritst.  The artists are honored when you purchase their music.



What type of payments do you take the night of a show?

CALLAHAN’S MUSIC HALL accepts Cash and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) on event nights for the purchase of door tickets, food, and beverage.

CALLAHAN’S is not involved in any Artist merchandise sales.  Artists primarly accept Cash for their products.  More and more are accepting Credit Cards.  This varies from show to show.

Do you have a ATM?

No we do not have a ATM machine inside CALLAHAN’S.  We cannot do credit card advances at the venue either.

A drive up ATM is located accross the street in the shopping center in the parking lot.

what can’t I bring to the show?

In accordance with operating policies and state guidelines the following items are specifically band from entering CALLAHAN’S MUSIC HALL:

  • Any outside food and beverage
  • Birthday cakes, cookies, desserts, etc …
  • Ballons and Decorations
  • Professional camera and video equipment

Is Hanicap Seating available?

CALLAHAN’S MUSIC HALL is a grade-level and barrier-free facility. A seperate designated seating area is not required as the facilty is accessible. Upon arrival, based on need, we work with patrons to identify “best” seating.

Is Food & Beverage available for purchase?

We offer Bar and Food service before and during performance to make your experience more enjoyable.

• Food – Our menu is simple and changes slightly throughout the year. Everything is prepared fresh and to order. We have appetizers, salads, snadwiches, burgers, and some desserts available. The kitchen closes for food sales following the show intermission.
• Drink – We serve a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment. Non-Alcholic (coffee, pop) is available for open to close. Sales of alcoholic beverages cease with the end of the show. We offer a extensive selection of Beers including leading brands along with leading craft and michigan beers. We offer a solid selction well and premuim liqours including: vodkas, gins, rums, tequillas,whiskeys, burbons, and cordialls for your pleasure. Merlot and Chardonarry wine is also available. Alchol sales end when the music/entertainment ends. No exceptions.

Ticketing (5)

What are the advantages to purchasing tickets in a Reserved section?

The principal advantage to purchasing tickets within a Reserve Section is the ability to arrive later for a show and have a guaranteed seat within a Reserve Section of table/chair seating. Reserve Sections are typically closest to the artist. Reserve Tickets holders are offered seating within the section on a first come-first serve basic.

General Admission tickets usually provides access to limited Non-Table seating at the sides of stage and rear of room. Available seating is offered on a first come – first serve basis.

How much do tickets cost to a show?

Ticket prices vary by event. The prices are set based upon negotations with the arist. A few rules generally apply to tickets:

  1. Advance tickets are always cheaper then tickets sold at the Door the night of the event.
  2. General Admission tickets are cheaper than tickets in a Reserve seating section.
  3. Reserve tickets are generally most expensive and closest to the artist.

What type of seating is available?

Available seating varies by event. Primarily our events are either General Admission or Limited Reserve.General Admission – Seating for these event are offerred on a first come-first serve basis. This means there is no reserve seating section.Limited Reserve – Most of our events are offerred on a Limited Reserve basis. This means areas of seating are offerred on a reserve basis. This may be a single or multiple areas. Seating within these Reserve areas is general admission for ticket holders. Seating outside these designated areas is sold as General Admission with seating offerred on a first come-first serve basis.

Where is will call?

Will Call is handled at the Door upon arrival. Please have your confirmation number and identification ready to check-in for your tickets.

How can I get tickets to a show?

Advance tickets are available exclusively via Online tickets sales end at 3pm the day of the show or until sold out.  Any unsold tickets are available for purchase the night of the show at the Door.  Doors typically open 60-90 minutes in advance of the show time.