Callahans Music Hall

Will Artist autograph at the show?

Generally, yes, at intermission and after show.  The ability to sit close and interact with the artist is one of the best things about attending a show at CALLAHAN’S.  Our artist tend to be very friendly and accomodating.  Of course we have no control over the artist in terms of when and whether they will sign.  In everyone’s best interest please be respectful of the artist.  If you enjoyed their show please purchase something from their merchandise.  Most likely you can get it autographed directly by the artist.  Merchandise sales are a very important part of a artist livelyhood.

When getting a autograph please be respectful of the artist and your fellow music lovers.  Please be as brief as possible when talking to the artist.  Everyone wants their chance to say hi.  Limit autographs to one or two items.  It’s not cool to buy 20 CD’s on eBay/Amazon and ask the artist to sign all of them for you.  We do not like to get involved, but in everyones interest we may step in and place a limit on autographs.  It’s always better to buy your CD’s directly at the show whenever possible.  This was the most money possible goes directly to the aritst.  The artists are honored when you purchase their music.



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